Treat Yo Self Tuesday | Chicago’s Most Unique Chocolates

Is your sweet tooth getting out of hand? These chocolate confections are miles above and beyond just your average treat.



Flickr, Artizone

Katherine Anne Confections is all about chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. With a strong focus on using local and organic ingredients, Katherine Anne’s offers a range of delectable truffles, caramels, and marshmallows.

Our favorite here is the Oaxacan Mole Truffle, which includes Rick Bayless’ famed mole (made during a three-hour process), and a velvety, bittersweet ganache. Plus, it’s a treat when paired with red wine!

You can find Katherine Anne Confections at 2745 W Armitage St.



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It’s impossible to pass the Fudge Pot without going in. You’ll glance through the window to see the chef rolling out one of the many flavors of gooey fudge, and you won’t be able to resist. In the windows and the display cabinets you’ll see mini-chocolate everything. By everything we mean miniature models of dogs, cars, and more. If you don’t see it, they’ll even make it for you.

No one who comes here can resist the Toodle, which is made with chocolate fudge, caramel, and pecans. Both chewy and chocolatey, the salt from the pecans sets off the sweetness for a flavor that will drive your taste buds wild.

You can find The Fudge Pot at 1542 N Wells St.



Flickr, Maaco

Teuscher Chocolates is a small shop filled with truffles, chocolate bars, and specialty chocolates that are made from only the finest ingredients and imported straight from Zurich to Chicago. They even offer sugar-free chocolate for those with dietary restrictions.

When our sweet tooth is calling, we love to pick up some Orange Gianduja. This treat is made with milk chocolate almond and hazelnut gianduja (chocolate mixed with nuts ground to a powder) with bits of candied oranges, all coated in creamy milk chocolate.

You can find Teuscher Chocolates at 900 N Michigan Ave.


For a delicious, gourmet chocolate snack, Windy City Sweets is the place to check out. Serving every type of candy you can imagine, this place is a sugar-fiend’s heaven. Their chocolate is made at their boutique in Lakeview and each and every gourmet chocolate candy has a homemade touch to it.

Their Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies are out-of-this-world, with two crispy cookies covered with chocolate with a layer of chocolate in between. You can choose between milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate mint, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, and chocolate espresso.

You can find Windy City Sweets at 3308 N Broadway St.


One thought on “Treat Yo Self Tuesday | Chicago’s Most Unique Chocolates

  1. What the fudge? Windy City Sweets, here I come! Place looks amazing. Looking forward to what you guys come out with next!


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