MostBest Chicago | Food Trucks

There are 105 food trucks in Chicago. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Do you like to enjoy delicious food on the go? Then you’ll love these amazing Chicago food trucks!


If you’ve never had the pleasure of sampling the Argentinian delight known as the empanada, then 5411 Empanadas is a food truck that you have to try. They serve over ten different kinds of empanadas, from the savory Malbec Beef to the sweet-n-salty Bacon, Date, and Goat Cheese.

In addition to their truck, they have three brick-and-mortar locations around the city—so you have no excuse not to try 5411 Empanadas!

We Love Their: Malbec Beef; Bacon, Date, and Goat Cheese

(773) 755-5411



via The Fat Shallot

The Fat Shallot is all about big, hearty sandwiches with tons of flavor, so big in fact that they can stand alone as a full meal. Whether it’s the sourdough Grilled Cheese or spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, you’re sure to leave with a full belly. The menu items do change, so keep an eye on their Twitter page for updates—and to see where the truck is on any given day. Trust us; it’s worth seeking out!

We Love Their: Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Spicy Sesame Fries

(773) 893-0826


The Tamale Spaceship is the place in Chicago to enjoy authentic tamales. Not sure where to find them? Just look for the guy wearing the lucha libre mask in a truck that looks like spaceship (or, you know, just check their Twitter page). You’ll find all kinds of amazing tamales here, from the Picturesque with roasted pork to the Complicate with flank steak.

Consistently named one of the best food trucks in Chicago, The Tamale Spaceship is one you have to try!

We Love Their: Picturesque, Complicate, Simple

(312) 909-7009


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