Your Guide to Chicago’s Distilleries

It’s well known that Chicago is home to great breweries, like Goose Island and Revolution. But did you know that it boasts some awesome distilleries as well, where you can not only take tours, but also sample the goods? Whether you just want to learn a little bit more or you’re already hitting the hard stuff, you have to check out these Chicago distilleries.

KOVAL Distillery

KOVAL Distillery is an Andersonville favorite that’s probably the most popular destination on this list. This organic distillery crafts whiskey, liqueurs, and other spirits, like gin, brandy, and vodka. It was Chicago’s first distillery and dates all the way back to the 1800s! They offer a $10 tour that includes tastings, as well as classes on how to distill whiskey and craft signature cocktails.

You can find KOVAL Distillery at 5121 N Ravenswood Ave.

Quincy Street Distillery

Quincy Street Distillery is part distillery, part speakeasy. This place has an awesome old-school vibe, selling liquors with names like Old No. 176 Railroad Gin and Prairie Moonshine. It’s located in Riverside (just outside of the city), and they offer $10 tours that include tastings.

You can find Quincy Street Distillery at 39 E Quincy St, Riverside, IL.

CH Distillery

via Rachel Oftedahl

If vodka is your drink of choice, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better distillery to visit than CH. Known as “Chicago’s Local Vodka,” it’s made in the city and is available seemingly everywhere. Grab a spot on one of their tours, and you’ll get to partake in “The Tradition:” a shot of their vodka served with pickles and rye bread.

You can find CH Distillery at 564 W Randolph St.

FEW Spirits

Don’t let the name of this Evanston distillery fool you, because FEW Spirits has a lot more than a few crafts in their arsenal. If you’re a fan of bourbon, then you have to take a tour here.

You can find FEW Spirits at 918 Chicago Ave, Evanston, IL.

Rhine Hall Distillery

Fans of brandy will love Rhine Hall Distillery, which crafts an array of interesting fruit brandies (mango is our personal favorite). Take a tour, have a drink at the brandy bar, or sign up for a mixology class.

You can find Rhine Hall Distillery at 2010 W Fulton St.


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