Chicago Dog Parks Your Best Pal Will Love

You probably go to the same dog park all the time, and let’s be honest––you’re getting a little bored. Pick one of these a day and you’ll be on your way! Not only will your pal be overjoyed, but you’ll get some exercise and a chance to explore the city.

Wiggly Field

Besides being an adorable play on words, this 18,750 square foot Lincoln Park dog park has a mix of surfaces, like pavement, grass, and gravel, and it gives your pooch plenty of space while allowing you close proximity.

Belmont Harbor Dog Park

Flickr user, elaine layabout

Flickr user, elaine layabout

Belmont Harbor Dog Park is wonderful no matter the season––in the winter it’s quiet and you can hear the waves lap up on the shore, and in the summer your pup can take a swim as well as a walk!

Montrose Wilson Dog Park

Flickr user, Gillian

Flickr user, Gillianjc

This is probably the biggest dog park in the city at 120,000 square feet. This one is also a beach, and it has more room than the two of you will know what to do with. Plop down in the sand or really get in on the action and see if you can keep up with your pup.

Grant Bark

Flickr user, Amy Slabach

Flickr user, Amy Slabach

Another one that wins for the play on words, this spot is located in the Loop’s Grant Park. It has 15,700 square feet of space and a water area where your dog can play in some sprinklers during the warmer months.

Churchill Dog Park

Flickr user, Donna

Flickr user, Donna

This one is probably the smallest dog park in Chicago, which gives it a community feeling where mingling is encouraged for both you and your furry friend. Located in Wicker Park, this spot is where you two might meet some lifelong friends.


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