Five Chicago Bike Paths You Need to Navigate

With summer well on its way to Chicago, hopping on your bike is more appealing than ever. Here are some of the best spots to take a ride.


Take a ride down the North Branch Trail and see the Chicago River from underneath your helmet. It’s a really relaxing ride that takes you through the Botanical Gardens, all in comfortable shade that you’ll definitely welcome on a hot summer day. This trip will take you less than an hour, and half of that if you don’t stop to smell the roses, but isn’t that what life is all about?


Cliché, we know, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to places a bike ride in the city. Look out for joggers and other bikers, but make sure to soak up the skyline and the scenic lake. Look at all the sailboats, stop off at a vender at the beach, and discover why everyone raves about this area.


For this one, you’ll have to head a little bit outside of the city to Aurora, but trust us, it’s worth the trip. The home of Wayne and Garth has a gorgeous paved bike trail that goes along Fox River, and it’s not uncommon to see deer and other woodland creatures. You’ll feel like you’re a million miles away from the metropolitan area.


The only problem with this one is the pebble trail, and that it’s located in Des Plaines. Otherwise, it wins for its mix of scenery and seclusion. You could ride your bike all the way to Wisconsin on this trail!


Located in Willow Springs, Palos Forest Preserve has the most trails of any preserve in Cook County. Whether you like winding, narrow trails with stones to lead the way, or straight, open paths designed for smooth riding, there’s a trail for you in this beautiful nature preserve.


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