6 Chicago Hotspots to Take a First Date

Picking a first date spot might actually be harder than the date itself. You don’t want to seem to eager, but you also want to impress. Let us make things easy for you.

If things are going really well, turn it into a two-part affair and mix and match!


Star Lounge Coffee Bar

Flickr user, jenniferlin

Flickr user, jenniferlin

If you’re looking for a cool café with a fun crowd and tasty lattes, look no further than Star Lounge Coffee Bar. If your date is a music junkie, stay downstairs. Want to focus on the conversation? Grab a table on the second floor, though we love the patio on a sunny day because people watching is a great way to start some conversation!

You can find Star Lounge at 2521 W. Chicago Ave.


The Wormhole

Flickr user, Kristine

Flickr user, Kristine

If you and your date have a nerdy side, you can’t go wrong with this spot. The cozy wooden accents, 80s décor (complete with the DeLorean), and art on the walls will give you plenty to talk about. Mario fans and peanut butter addicts will relish in the Peanut Butter Koopa-Troopa, a delectable peanut butter and chocolate latte that tastes like dessert and gives you a buzz.

You can find The Wormhole at 1462 N Milwaukee Ave.


Crêpe Bistro

Flickr user, Nate Burgos

Flickr user, Nate Burgos

Channel a bit of Paris romance without being too overwhelming. The chic Crêpe Bistro is not only a place to get your fill of scrumptious, wafer-thin crêpes, but also doubles as a martini bar!

As a bonus, this spot is reasonably priced so you won’t break the bank.

You can find Crêpe Bistro at 186 N Wells St.

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Longman & Eagle

Flickr user, esimpraim

Flickr user, esimpraim

This spot can easily transition from a dinner date to a chatting-over-drinks-all-night date. Grab some small plates to share and wash it all down with a glass or two from their extensive whiskey collection, which boasts over 300 varieties!

You can find Longman & Eagle at 2657 N Kedzie Ave.

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Three Dots and a Dash

Flickr user, Sam Howzit

Flickr user, Sam Howzit

If you want to impress your date with a little extra class and sass, this cocktail bar is perfect. Tucked away in an alley, Three Dots and a Dash is a hidden gem that’s always poppin’. The staff is excellent, the bartenders make lethal drinks, and the atmosphere attracts the likes of some of Hollywood’s biggest celebs.

You can find Three Dots and a Dash at 435 N. Clark St.


Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Flickr user, _e.t

Flickr user, _e.t

Just because you’re going for drinks doesn’t mean they have to be alcoholic. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate is an absolute must-do in Chicago, especially if you want to sweeten up your date. You’ll find a wide variety of milkshakes and hot chocolates, each one more decadent than the last.

Just be sure to ask before sticking your straw in your date’s shake!

You can find Mindy’s Hot Chocolate at 1747 N Damen Ave.


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