Chicago’s Coolest Adult Classes

Sometimes you need that little push to break out from the same old routine. Well, here it is! Chicago has many adult classes that don’t take up a lot of time, can be a ton of fun, and give you the gift of a lifelong skill without breaking the bank.


Flickr user, Linda N.

Flickr user, Linda N.

Improv Olympics (IO) and Second City don’t just target those passionate about making careers out of comedy. They also have classes for beginners that are a lot of fun. A lot of sales professionals take the classes to become sharper and more confident when dealing with clients. You will surround yourself with hilariousness, and the prices are very affordable for what you get out of it. Who, knows––you might even run into Tina Fey!


You may not be the next Monet, but throw a little wine in the mix and your painting will look a little better. Whether you come to learn or just to have fun with some friends, drinking wine while painting is never a bad thing. Plus, Bottle and Bodega has convenient locations in Lakeview, the South Loop, and a few other spots in the Windy City.


Flickr user, Nate Bergos

Flickr user, Nate Bergos

Maybe you have a wedding coming up or perhaps you just want to woo that special someone, but either way, getting your groove on is a ton of fun and breaks a sweat. Ladies love a man who can dance, so check these places out.


You don’t need a fancy camera and a bunch of expensive lenses for a lot of these classes. Most of the time, your phone will do the trick. Take your instagram to the next level and learn the ins and outs of what takes a picture from good to great.


At Baker and Nosh, you can learn the basics of bread making for less than $100. Once you have mastered the art of baking the perfect loaf of bread, the store bought stuff will just never be the same again. You’ll always have the perfect housewarming gift and something no one else will bring to parties.


via Brew Camp

via Brew Camp

Brew Camp lets people brew their own beer and bring it home with them! You can take one of the many subcategory classes, including “Making Beer at Home,” “Brew in a Bag,” and others. Until recently, you had to just watch a demonstration. Now, after the passing of a bill or something or another, you can get hands on with it! It might be the start of a new passion. You could be the next Hank from Breaking Bad.


Tear up the club next time you go out by taking a cheap and effective hip hop class that doesn’t just show you the moves, but is also some great exercise. Be careful though, because tearing up the dance floor too effectively could make you financially responsible for the damages to the hardwood.


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