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There are 106 movie theaters in Chicago. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

There are a ton of places in the city of Chicago where you can go see a movie. While you can obviously go to an AMC or a Regal virtually anywhere in the U.S., why not go somewhere with atmosphere? These places have not only an amazing vibe and Chicago spirit, but also the prices and special features that make the movies an experience. Grab some popcorn, get a drink, sit back, and enjoy the show!

Davis Theater

via Flickr user Jason Ernst

via Flickr user Jason Ernst

A far cry from the fancy, sanitized multiplexes that dominate American cinema today, the Davis Theater has an old-school charm that you’ll adore. This small theater shows first-run movies at excellent prices. You’ll find a nice variety of movies here, from kid-friendly animations to cerebral films. No matter what you’re in the mood for, there will be something great for you to watch.

So bring your family, your date, or just yourself over to the Davis for a throwback theater experience like no other.

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4616 N Lincoln Ave
(773) 784-0893

The Logan Theatre

via Flickr user M. Jeremy Goldman

via Flickr user M. Jeremy Goldman

The recently renovated Logan Theatre, originally built and opened in 1915, has retained its old-world charm while receiving a major makeover. The newly refurbished interior includes more comfortable seats, brand new screens, and an improved sound system. The best part? The prices, while not exactly what they were in the early 20th century, are still very reasonable.

Perhaps our favorite part of this renovation is the addition of a full bar, which we guarantee will make taking your kids to the movies much more bearable. So grab a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show.

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2646 N Milwaukee Ave
(773) 342-5555

The Music Box Theatre

via Flickr user Matt Stratton

via Flickr user Matt Stratton

Yet another of Chicago’s historical movie houses, Music Box Theatre was opened in 1929 and remains one of the city’s premiere movie theatres. Stepping inside the Music Box, with its heavy curtains and organ that’s played in between showings, is like stepping back in time. You’ll find a range of unique, quirky films not found in mainstream theatres, as well as midnight showings of classics.

Ditch the Hollywood blockbusters and come check out something completely different at Music Box Theatre.
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(773) 871-6604