Chicago’s Trendiest Home Decor Stores

Chicago is a mecca for people who turn everyday objects into some of the most incredible pieces of furniture and decoration your abode will have the pleasure of showcasing. Taking pride in the art of upcycling, crafting from scratch, refashioning antiques, and other strategies for making your pad more unique and more you, these favorites are worth discovering.

Morlen Sinoway

via Flickr user designmilk

via Flickr user designmilk

Designed with both apartment-dwellers and homeowners in mind, Morlen Sinoway has hip furniture from an eclectic group of passionate individual craftsmen and manufacturers. They also host the Guerrilla Truck Show in June, where you can see awesome pieces in the back of trucks.

You can find Morlen Sinoway at 1052 W Fulton Market.


via Flickr user opacity

via Flickr user opacity

This is a beautiful store with a passionate staff provides alternative artwork and hosts events. A little hipster-y, it has a fun, welcoming vibe that makes it a Pilsen neighborhood favorite.

You can find Artpentry at 1827 S Halsted St.


You’ve never seen anything like it. At this whimsical place, you can pick up bright, spherical ecosystems that contain actual living things. They’re easy to take care of, and serve as great conversation pieces in your home.

You can find Alapash at 4835 N Damen Ave.

Andersonville Galleria

via Flickr user arcticpenguin

via Flickr user arcticpenguin

Just a heads up: This place has way more than just furnishings–it’s three stories of everything you could imagine, from handmade soaps to gourmet dessert. That being said, it also houses some pretty out-of-the-box and adorable home decor.

You can find Andersonville Galleria at 5247 N Clark Street.

Modern Cooperative


via Modern Cooperative

This place has a mix of vintage, modern, and handmade items. From Barcelona chairs to hand-sewn pillows, Modern Cooperative has it all.

You can find Modern Cooperative at 1215 W 18th St.


via Flickr user orangesparrow

via Flickr user orangesparrow

This place will be your haven if you need china, dinnerware, or silverware. With both simple and unique designs, they have something for everyone. They have imports from countries like France, Britain, and Belgium that will blow your mind.

You can find P.O.S.H at 613 N State St.