Old-School Chicago Restaurants You Must Visit

Not only were these Chicago institutions the best of their time, but they remain the best of our time today. Try them for yourself and see why people have kept coming back time and again for so many years.

Lou Mitchell’s

via Flickr user clarkmaxwell

via Flickr user clarkmaxwell

This spot is now on the National Register of historic places and has served the likes of celebrities and U.S. presidents. They hand out Milk Duds and doughnut holes when you come through the door, and make you feel comfortable in diner-style booths. Lou’s is a first stop for many traveling Route 66!

Year Opened: 1923

You can find Lou Mitchell’s at 565 W Jackson Blvd.

Daley’s Restaurant

via Daley's

via Daley’s

At over 120 years old, Daley’s began as a temporary eatery for workers on the first subway line. Today, it still serves up homestyle soul food in a bright, vibrant atmosphere. Locals flock here for breakfast, which is served all day, and rave about the Denver Omelet.

Year Opened: 1892

You can find Daley’s Restaurant at 809 E 63rd St.

Schaller’s Pump

via WordPress user A Local Thing

via WordPress user A Local Thing

This place is a Chicago legend and a White Sox haven which serves up scrumptious pub fare, beer, and whiskey. Originally, beer was pumped in from the brewery that used to be next door–you can even still see the peephole in the secret door from when Schaller’s was open during Prohibition.

Year Opened: 1881

You can find Schaller’s Pump at 3714 S. Halsted St.