The Three Must-See Chicago Festivals of August

We all know about Lollapalooza, with a lineup that includes Sir Paul McCartney, Metallica, Alabama Shakes, and much more, as well as the Air & Water Show at North Ave Beach. We like the more overlooked spots though, where food, drinking, music, dancing, shopping, and discovery come with the territory. Celebrate the merriment of summer while you still can by being a part of these MostBest favorites.

Chicago Hot Dog Fest

via Flickr user Andy F

via Flickr user Andy F

The city of Chicago, a warm weather month, craft beer, live music, and hot dogs. Is that an incomplete sentence? Technically yes, but we think that just about covers this local favorite. Fill up, drink up, and dance it up at this annual celebration of a few of our favorite things.

Dates: Friday, August 7 to Sunday, August 9
Location: Lincoln Park (Clark & LaSalle)
Price: Free!
More Info:

Festa Italiana

via Flickr user yooperann

via Flickr user yooperann

Head down to Little Italy where you’ll be treated to a festival that celebrates one of the liveliest, most prevalent, and most delicious cultures in the US. From the traditional dances and live music to the international wines and incredible food, you’re in for something special. Our personal favorite is the Cannoli Eating Contest, the perfect mix of Italian and American cultures!

Dates: Thursday, August 13 to Sunday, August 16
Location: Little Italy (Taylor and Ashland)
Price: $13
More Info:

Bucktown Arts Fest

via Flickr user M. Jeremy Goldman

via Flickr user M. Jeremy Goldman

When a festival has been a local favorite for three decades, you know it’s something special. Let’s look at the facts: 200 artists, two stages for music, dancing, and spoken word of all kinds, tons of food trucks, and lots to drink. Support those that brighten our world, and brighten your own by filling up your cups, stomachs, and your home.

Dates: Saturday, August 29 & Sunday, August 30
Location: Bucktown (2200 N Oakley)
Price: Free!
More Info:


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