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There are 221 fusion restaurants in Chicago. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Mix it up and get something truly unique. At these spots, you get the best of all different cuisines without being limited to authenticity. Instead, creativity shines through.


via Flickr user Bing

via Flickr user Bing

If you’re looking for exceptionally creative Asian fusion that brings together flavors from all over the continent, Embeya is the spot. A perfect mix between casual and high-end, you’ll be wowed by both the cuisine and the atmosphere. Dishes are prepared meticulously by head chef Mike Sheerin, a local celebrity in the Chicago dining scene with many awards for his prowess in both flavor and presentation.

We Love Their: Dry-Aged Ribeye, Peking-Style Duck, Speared Tuna

564 W Randolph St
(312) 612-5640


via Flickr user Kidltamae

via Flickr user Kidltamae

While Del Seoul specifically focuses on Korean cuisine, this family-owned business provides contemporary spins on the cultural classics, reimagining traditional dishes in ways you’ve never seen before. Their tacos are locally famous, they serve up beer and wine, and they offer delivery, so you can experience the excellence without leaving home.

We Love Their: BBQ Pork Tacos, Kalbi Poutine

2568 N Clark St
(773) 248-4227


via Flickr user opacity

via Flickr user opacity

Sunda takes the classic concept of Asian cuisine and twists it like we’ve never seen before. The menu is massive too, so feel free to ask your knowledgeable server for a recommendation based on your preferences. Whether you’re looking for Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, or Vietnamese, they have you covered and then some. We also love their signature cocktails, which include choices like Grass Tiger and House of Bamboo.

We Love Their: Lobster & Wagyu Roll, Mushu Duck Egg Rolls

110 W Illinois St
(312) 644-0500