The Three Hottest Chicago Days of All Time

These are the hottest Chicago days on record–days that make complaining about sitting in your poorly ventilated apartment with nothing but a fan and a wet washcloth feel a little less merited. On top of the scorchers listed, we have historical facts about what was going on in Chicago around that time period, and links to our top three lists for the best frozen treats in the city. Here’s one to get you started.


Temp: 105°
Date: July 24, 1934
Historical Fact: This same month, notorious Chicago gangster John Dillinger was shot outside of the Biograph Theater.
Cool Down Treats: MostBest Italian Ice


via Flickr user Grufnik

via Flickr user Grufnik

Temp: 104°
Date: July 13, 1995
Historical Fact: This is one of five days still known today as the 1995 Chicago heat wave. In less than a week, 739 residents lost their life to heat-related incidents. Check yourself next time you say, “I’m literally dying it’s so hot out.”
Cool Down Treats: MostBest Gelato


via Flickr user Mark Rain

via Flickr user Mark Rain

Temp: 104°
Date: June 20, 1988
Historical Fact: Released this same month was a movie called Red Heat, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and took place in Chicago! That’s pretty ironic (and not much else was going on during this time period).
Cool Down Treats: MostBest Ice Cream

Ah, what the hell? Here are a few more places to cool down with some deliciousness: Frozen Treats Part 2


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