Seattle’s Best Cupcakes

When you want to treat yourself without going overboard, you can’t beat the perfect proportions of a cupcake. These Seattle spots are simply batter than the rest!

Cupcake Royale

via Flickr user sea turtle

via Flickr user sea turtle

This place never refrigerates its batters. If it’s in a cupcake, it was made right before it was baked. The cake is incredibly moist, with a slight crisp on the top, perfect for holding the gorgeously whipped frosting.

You can find Cupcake Royale at 108 Pine St, 1111 E Pike St, and 1101 34th Ave.

PinkaBella Cupcakes

via Flickr user WordOfMouth

via Flickr user WordOfMouth

With over 80 fun flavors of cupcakes, some in gluten-free varieties, it’s easy to see why PinkaBella is so well-loved. You can even try some cake pops! This place also donates a ton of cupcakes to charities and schools—the tip jar money is used to sponsor children in developing countries and fund birthday parties for children in orphanages.

You can find PinkaBella Cupcakes at 1002 Southcenter Mall. 

Yellow Leaf Cupcake

via Flickr user >^..^^..^<

via Flickr user >^..^< maggz >^..^<

These are no ordinary cupcakes. Here, you’ll find quirky creations, like the Pancakes and Bacon and Salted Caramel Cheesecake cupcakes. They really do capture these flavors expertly, not only tasting out-of-this world, but they look like little works of art.

You can find Yellow Leaf Cupcake at 2209 Fourth Ave.