MostBest Chicago | Bar Trivia

It could take you hours to decide which bar trivia is the best. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Study up, grab all of your smartest friends, and try your hand at winning some booze!


via Flickr user BlueEyedA73

via Flickr user BlueEyedA73

The host is a pro, grabbing the crowd and cutting to the chase. The five categories, each with ten questions, change every week, and during trivia, the TVs display a Powerpoint of each question as they’re read. Rounds of shots are won for winning random rounds and having the best team name, and the first place prize is a $100 gift card to Riverview Tavern!

Plan a trip out the next Wednesday you’re able to, and we’ll see you there!

One Thing You Have to Do: Think of a truly awesome team name for a prize

1958 W Roscoe St
(773) 248-9523


This trivia night will either make you feel very smart, or not very smart at all, but worst case scenario always involves having a great time. The categories are fantastically fun and unique, like “Dead or Canadian” and “Finish the Lyrics.” The first place prize is $50 to The Globe. That should be enough to fill your stomachs with their excellent bar food and beer, but the satisfaction of beating these trivia giants is prize enough.

For a big challenge and a whole lot of fun, check out this Tuesday trivia night, which is easily one of the best around.

One Thing You Have to Do: Check out all of the soccer jerseys

1934 W Irving Park Rd
(773) 871-3757


via Flickr user M. Jeremy Goldman

via Flickr user M. Jeremy Goldman

The Logan Theatre is one of the coolest movie houses in Chicago, and it also hosts one of the best and most unique Trivia Nights every Tuesday at 8:00pm. If you’re a movie buff, there’s no better place to prove your cinematic prowess. There are six categories of questions, 10 questions in each category, and the categories change every week.

Go for the win—you’ll get some free shots and a Logan Theatre gift card at this one-of-a-kind Trivia Night.

One Thing You Have to Do: Take advantage of the great food

2646 N Milwaukee Ave
(773) 342-5555