Seattle’s Best Thrift Stores

You don’t need to be Macklemore to pop tags at these Seattle thrift shops. From books to clothes to furniture, these shops have everything you could want at the best prices.

Goodwill on South Lake Union

via Flickr user brewbooks

via Flickr user brewbooks

This Goodwill could very well be one of the best in the country. It’s enormous but organized incredibly well. Clothes are arranged by size and color, and the book section looks like a Barnes and Noble. New merchandise comes in multiple times a day. Be warned: You could spend hours wandering.

You can find Goodwill at 411 Westlake Ave N.

Lifelong Thrift Store

via Lifelong

via Lifelong

Not only will you find some awesome threads, but the profits go towards people who suffer from HIV/AIDS and other chronic illness. They have a variety of quirky, unique decor pieces and a private lot, so you can park a truck and load up!

You can find Lifelong Thrift Store at 312 Broadway E.

Salvation Army Family Store

Sports fans will love this spot, as they have a large collection of jerseys and gear. Located in SoDo, it also has all of the thrift store staples, from antiques to jewelry. Each aisle in the homewares section is arranged by color!

You can find the Salvation Army Family Store at 1010 4th Ave S.