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There are 463 pubs in Seattle. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Round up a few friends, kick back with a pint, and have a good time at one of these Seattle hotspots.


via Flickr user Dennis Hamilton

via Flickr user Dennis Hamilton

The relaxing and old-fashioned ambiance of the Front Room provides the perfect contrast to the lively atmosphere of the Game Room, successfully allowing you to enjoy vintage decor in one area, and darts, foosball, and TV in another! You’ll also find an amazing selection of craft-brewed draft ales and lagers on tap, all provided by skilled, local brewers.

Don’t Miss: Heading back to the game room

6413 California Ave SW
(206) 932-9906


via Some Random Bar

via Some Random Bar

The menu features scrumptious seasonal dishes that include local, farm-to-table ingredients, and the drink menu has some seriously innovative cocktails that have been crafted exclusively for Some Random Bar. Come enjoy some conversation with friends or watch the game on one of the TVs.

Don’t Miss: The Back Porch Lemonade

2604 1st Ave
(206) 745-2185


via Flickr user Niyantha Shekar

via Flickr user Niyantha Shekar

The dark and cozy ambiance that fills the White Horse Trading Company provides the perfect environment for getting a little closer to someone. The beverage menu features a limited selection, but the atmosphere and experience is more than enough to make up for the few items on the beer and wine menu. They even have a dog!

Don’t Miss: Grabbing a Pimm’s Cup

1908 Post Alley
(206) 441-7767
No Website