MostBest Seattle | Ice Cream

There are 129 ice cream shops in Seattle. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Cool off and treat yourself all at once with a scoop (or two… or three) at one of Seattle’s coolest spots—pun intended. With ice cream this rich and delicious, you’ll need a whole lot of willpower not to stop in daily.


via Flickr user Heidi

via Flickr user Heidi

Molly Moon’s works with family farms, community organizations, and local companies that import their ingredients from organic, fair-trade sources. This allows Molly Moon’s to use hormone-free milk and cream from the locally-operated Edaleen Dairy Farm to create spectacular ice cream available in your favorite flavors.

We Love Their: Stumptown Coffee, “Scout” Mint, Nectarine Blondie

917 E Pine St
(206) 708-7947


via Flickr user Felice Lam

via Flickr user Felice Lam

At Fainting Goat, they handcraft their gelato daily, ensuring that it will be freshly made every time you visit. This also allows the family-owned establishment to rotate their flavors every day, so you’ll always find something new. In addition to the flavor choices, you’ll love Fainting Goat’s quick wait times, fresh products, and creamy goodness.

We Love Their: Tiramisu Gelato, Sicilian Pistachio

1903 N 45th St
(206) 327-9459


via Flickr user Bjorn

via Flickr user Bjorn

With over 80 years of experience in crafting amazing ice cream, Husky features a menu of flavors that is seriously stacked with something for everyone. You can either get your ice cream as a single serve treat in a cone or in larger quantities that you can take home, all the way up to a two and a half gallon option!

We Love Their: Coffee Oreo, ChauTime, Nutella

4721 California Ave SW
(206) 937-2810


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