3 Best Places to Go On a Rainy Day

You may not have heard, but it rains in Seattle from time to time. Don’t worry, the clinging misty stuff won’t melt you. Just grab a raincoat (nothing screams “not from around here” like an umbrella) and head to these great spots to hunker down on a rainy day.

Crest Cinema Center

via Flickr user Curtis Cronn

via Flickr user Curtis Cronn

Escape the clutches of Netflix for an afternoon at Crest Cinema Center, where the days of going out to the movies are still alive and well. This historic Shoreline Theater opened in 1949, and you can enjoy a second-run showing on one of their four screens, for the historic price of $4 a ticket. Take advantage of the opportunity to see the big-screen version of an old favorite.

Our Favorite Features: $4 movies, Opened in 1949

You can find Crest Cinema Center at 16505 5th Avenue NE.

Woodland Park Zoo

via Flickr user khyri

via Flickr user khyri

Woodland Park Zoo is a fun outing rain or shine, but on grey days, check the zoo website for Rainy Day coupons and other discounts. Follow their Building Hop itinerary to jump between their best heated and covered exhibits, like the penguins and brown bears. It’s rare for Seattle businesses to even acknowledge the weather, so take advantage of an unprecedented rain discount!

Our Favorite Features: Rainy Day Discount, Rainy Day Building Hop

You can find Woodland Park Zoo at 5500 Phinney Avenue North.

Storyville Coffee Company

via Flickr user Larry Tomlinson

via Flickr user Larry Tomlinson

In the city of coffee, what better way to spend a gloomy day than curled up in a comfy chair with a steaming cup of joe? Storyville Coffee Company has a lounge-like atmosphere with cozy tables and a toasty fireplace, right up the stairs from Pike Place. Snag a comfy chairs by the window for an unbelievable view of the rain-shrouded market sign.

Our Favorite Features: Fireplace, Unbelievably Comfy Furniture 

You can find Storyville Coffee Company at 94 Pike St #34.