How to Spot a Seattle Native

Seattlites have a distinctive style: a little grunge, a little outdoorsy, a little hippie, and very eco-conscious. Easily spot a local in their natural habitat with these three common indicators.


via Flickr user Louis Beche

via Flickr user Louis Beche

The state uniform of plaid flannel and Patagonia is hard to miss, with a good supplement of thrift shop finds to accessorize. What came first, the Macklemore or the thrift shop? In Seattle, the thrift shop craze long preceded the local artist’s pop hit. And by the way, they all went to Macklemore concerts way before he was famous. Even before the Seahawks made the Super Bowl, team gear lit up the city with pride, not to mention the loving Mariners and Sounders fans. Add a pair of Birks or Chacos, and that’s local all the way.

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via Flickr user Sam Javanrouh

via Flickr user Sam Javanrouh

Bikes aren’t just for summer in Seattle. When you see commuters ensconced in Gore-Tex peddling frantically up an impossibly steep hill, you know they’re home-towners. If they do have to pull their cars out of the garage, you can bet that they drive a Subaru or Prius, the perfect vehicle to get up to the mountains or save the planet. And make no mistake; there is no shortage of Priuses that brave rough roads to make it to the ski resort parking lot.



via Flickr user Mz.Galore

Seattle is the city of coffee, and locals wave that flag high. Even though this city is the birthplace of Starbucks, native Seattlites are much more likely to carry a reusable mug brimming with their favorite local, fair trade, specially-blended brew. Speaking of brews, it’s the rare Seattle native who doesn’t have a favorite microbrewery that they frequent religiously. From Fremont to Stroup, locally made beer abounds in Seattle, and die-hard fans of Rainier can’t have a night out without a little Vitamin R.