MostBest Baltimore | Doughnuts

It could take you hours to decide which doughnut shop is the best. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

With flavors that will blow your mind and service that’s second to none, these doughnut spots will make you a loyal customer in no time.


via Fenwick Bakery

via Fenwick Bakery

Fenwick Bakery has been serving up a number of sweet confections to the greater Baltimore area for a few years now, but it’s their donuts that steal the spotlight. As you sink your teeth into the crackly outer shell and into the plush softness of the interior, the texture and the sweetness of the made-from-scratch donut come together in a way that will leave you craving another.

We Love Their: Glazed Donut, Marshmallow Donut

7219 Harford Rd
(410) 444-6410


via Flickr user Chrissy Hunt

via Flickr user Chrissy Hunt

The outside of the Fractured Prune’s location in Parkville may not be much to look at, but don’t let its exterior fool you. Inside, this donut shop is turning out some of Maryland’s (and the country’s) best donuts. The coolest part of the Fractured Prune is that you can customize your donut, choosing from 19 glazes and 13 toppings!

We Love Their: O.C. Sand, Morning Buzz, Margarita, Blueberry Hill, Cookies & Cream

8705 Harford Rd
(410) 661-9999


via Instagram user @bradfallon_

via Instagram user @bradfallon_

Hoehn’s Bakery is a family-owned establishment that’s been serving sweets to Baltimore for almost 90 years. The loyal fan base swears by their peach cake, cheese danish, and phenomenal donuts. Visit this bakery a few times, and it’ll soon become the place where everyone knows your name–there is a particular attention to customer service that you won’t find anywhere else.

We Love Their: Honey Dipped Donut, Chocolate Donut, Robin’s Nest

400 S Conkling St
(410) 675-2884