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There are 351 American restaurants in Baltimore. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

When you’re craving those classic American dishes everyone loves, these places deliver. With the best versions of all your favorites, you won’t be disappointed.


Take off your fedora, hang up your tommy gun, and light your cigar with a wad of cash at this crime noir pub that offers uniquely designed spaces to enhance your dining experience. Having cooked at the James Beard House twice within a year’s time, the executive chef receives accolades regularly from those lucky enough to dine here.

We Love Their: Roast Duck Breast, Potato Ravioli, Blackberries, Asparagus

2322 Boston St
(443) 759-9360


via Flickr user cdorobek

via Flickr user cdorobek

With a tip of the hat to South Carolina’s old Southern opulence, Charleston welcomes diners to a flavorful feast in an upscale atmosphere that hearkens back to Gone With the Wind. Executive Chef and co-owner Cindy Wolf emphasizes artistic presentation and fresh, quality ingredients, crafting seasonal dishes of Southern-inspired fine cuisine with French influences.

We Love Their: Wine Pairing, Four Course Menu Option, Foie Gras

1000 Lancaster Street
(410) 332-7373


via B&O American Brasserie

via B&O American Brasserie

Located in the former headquarters of Baltimore & Ohio Railroad company, B&O American Brasserie’s railroad-inspired interior evokes the building’s history. The restaurant’s Executive Chef Michael Ransom is passionate about farm-fresh flavors, serving familiar dishes with an unexpected twist built with seasonal ingredients from local farmers markets.

We Love Their: El Oso (Cocktail), Galavanter (Cocktail), Octo Taco, Grilled Cheese

2 N Charles St
(443) 692-6172