Seattle’s Best Hidden Parks

As the land of parks, Seattle offers hundreds of choices large and small. A break from the expansive acres at the city’s most popular spots, pocket parks pepper the city, hidden away from the cityscape for a few feet of tranquility. Find them here, but shhh—don’t tell.

Waterfall Garden Park

via Flickr user Brian Hubbard

via Flickr user Brian Hubbard

For bite-sized serenity in the bustle of Pioneer Square, Waterfall Garden Park features a cascading 22-foot waterfall and two tiers of patio tucked behind tall walls in the plaza of the old USPS headquarters. Wrought metal cafe tables sprinkle the space, making it a great little lunch spot in an oasis of green set to the soundtrack of the rushing falls. Partially covered by a clear glass awning that lets in light, this space is a relaxing getaway rain or shine.

You can find Waterfall Garden Park at 219 2nd Avenue S.

Woodland Park Rose Garden

via Flickr use Mark Atwood

via Flickr user Mark Atwood

In a corner of Woodland Park near the zoo’s south entrance, Seattle’s Civic Rose Garden is a botanical haven for the brilliant blooms that flourish in this moderate climate. Grass paths wind through the beds, featuring 200 varieties of roses, many of them test hybrids not yet widely available to the public. Enjoy the fragrant air in the sun, or feast your eyes on the bright colors against the grey sky on a dreary day, with sounds of zoo critters filtering over the walls from the enclosures.

You can find Woodland Park Rose Garden at 750 N 50th St.

32nd Ave W. Magnolia

via Flickr user Ed Suominen

via Flickr user Ed Suominen

Located near the popular Magnolia Park, this little guy is so tiny, it doesn’t even need a name beyond its location. The smidgen stretch of rocky beach is perfect to launch a kayak or canoe, with views of Downtown and Bainbridge Island across the water as you paddle out. Hug the shoreline down toward Elliott Bay Marina, or stay on land and skip rocks out over Puget Sound at this neighborhood hideaway.

You can find 32nd Ave W. Magnolia at 32nd Ave W and W Galer Street.