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There are 233 bakeries in Baltimore. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

With all sorts of sweet stuff from cities spanning the globe, these bakeries are unmatched.


Carminantonio Iannaccone began working the pastry business at the tender age of nine near Naples, Italy. In 1969, he opened the original Piedigrotta, which was so successful, he was supplying restaurants within a 200-mile radius with his desserts, revolutionizing the way baking and food service was done. He is even credited with the invention of the tiramisu, now the highest-selling dessert in the world!

We Love Their: First ever tiramisu!

1300 Bank St, Suite 140
(410) 522-6900


via Flickr user Kevin Harber

via Flickr user Kevin Harber

Owner and local musician Rodney Henry, known as “The Pie Guy” from his stint competing on Food Network Star, has always had a passion for pies and hard rock. The bakery’s atmosphere reflects that in the constant aroma of baking pies and the rock-inspired décor, with regular live music throughout the colder months. With the choice to buy by the slice or by the pie, Dangerously Delicious is the perfect date spot or gathering place.

We Love Their: Crab and Cheddar Quiche, Baltimore Bomb Pie, Chocolate Chess

2839 O’Donnell St
(410) 522-7437


via Flickr user Christina B Castro

via Flickr user Christina B Castro

It isn’t every day that you discover such a French spirit stateside or find sinfully delicious macarons for under a dollar. Select from their buttery pastries or choose an ornate slice of cake that seems more at home on display in a museum than behind the curved glass pastry case. Pair your choice with a cup of espresso and enjoy while you read the morning paper—if you can snag one of the two coveted tables in the East Baltimore Street bakery.

We Love Their: Macaron, Pain au Chocolate, Fraisier, Cheesecake with Fruit

820 East Baltimore St  
(410) 332-0390