Chicago’s Best Gluten-Free Menus

In a city rife with deep-dish pizza, incredible hot dogs, and every type of pastry, being gluten-free can be a bummer. Most restaurants now have one or two gluten-free options, but these places have full menus of offerings made to taste like they haven’t cut out anything.

Wilde Bar and Restaurant


via Flickr user Max Anderson

For those who love Sundays, this spot has a full gluten-free brunch menu, along with cider and beer, and of course, classics-with-a-twist, like the Wilde Mimosa made with strawberry vodka. With both traditional breakfast options and innovative takes on your favorites, you can’t go wrong.

You can find Wilde Bar and Restaurant at 3130 N Broadway.

Mia Francesca

via Flickr user Kurman Communications, Inc.

via Flickr user Kurman Communications, Inc.

To those with gluten allergies, Italian food may seem as far away as the country itself. With various types of gluten-free pastas and pizzas (that come in generous portions) you don’t have to feel left out anymore! You can even have the vanilla creme brûlée, a perfect way to end your meal.

You can find Mia Francesca at 3311 N Clark St.

Cookie Bar Gluten Free Bakery

via Flickr user Jaysin Trevino

via Flickr user Jaysin Trevino

Forget a gluten-free menu–this whole place is dedicated to those with food allergies! With everything from cookies to cupcakes to brownies, this spot will satisfy any sweet tooth, and you’d never know these treats were made without wheat. Plus, if you can’t make the trip they’ll deliver. 

You can find Cookie Bar Gluten Free Bakery at 1746 W Wilson Ave.