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It could take you hours to decide which movie theater is the best. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

With the advent of on-demand, Netflix, and illegal downloads, getting off your couch and to a movie theater may not seem worth it. With great deals and tons of extras, these places truly take the movie-going experience to the next level.


via Flickr user Seth Sawyers

via Flickr user Seth Sawyers

In a city infamous for being the proud home of ghosts and a scary past, seeing a movie in Baltimore’s oldest (and some say haunted) theater is an essential experience. They project both classic movies and new releases, and have pretty affordable snack bar drinks and food. You can go to Tapas Teatro, a bar attached to the theater, and get a to-go beer, wine, or mixer.

Be Sure To: Stop at Tapas Teatro for a To-Go Drink

1711 N Charles St
(410) 727-3456


via Flickr user zizzybaloobah

via Flickr user zizzybaloobah

The Senator Theatre is a Baltimore landmark, and you can feel the history in the atmosphere the moment you enter. They have a few screens, but the main auditorium was built in 1939 and stays covered by huge golden curtains until the projector starts rolling. The décor and paintings on the walls are awesomely old-school, and there’s atrium seating!

Be Sure To: Check Out the Special Screenings

5904 York Rd
(410) 323-4424


via Flickr user Seth Sawyers

via Flickr user Seth Sawyers

Landmark Theatres is one of the best spots to see a movie in Baltimore mostly for the fact that they have an extensive, full bar. If you’re into drinking, there are few things more relaxing than watching a new release movie with an ice-cold craft beer in the cup holder beside you. They blow other chains out of the water in terms of atmosphere and pricing too.

Be Sure To: Get an alcoholic beverage for the show!

645 S President St
(410) 244-6636