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It could take you hours to decide which Caribbean restaurant is the best. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Get a taste of the Caribbean way up north with incredible deals, scrumptious selections, and lively atmospheres.


via Flickr user Brian Ochalla

via Flickr user Bryan Ochalla

This beam of Caribbean sunshine (which is essentially a sandwich shack) serves up Caribbean sandwiches featuring some incredible variations of pork. All sandwiches here come on a toasted baguette with aioli, cilantro, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, and caramelized onions. This little shack is small with limited tables, so we recommend you order take out.

We Love Their: Caribbean Roast, West Caribbean Bowl, Paseo Press

4225 Fremont Ave N
(206) 545-7440


via Christine Willmsen

via Christine Willmsen

Bongos serves up a unique mix of Cuban and Caribbean fare, a treat for your tastebuds. For a few bucks more you can add a small side to your sandwich. Get a side of Yucca Fries with your sandwich and for a few more dollars, you can add a beer as well. If you don’t have a human friend to bring, you can always bring your furry best friend to the patio area!

We Love Their: Desi Sandwich, Yucca Fries, Cuban Joe

6501 Aurora Ave N
(206) 420-8548


via Flickr user Keith Rowley

via Flickr user Keith Rowley

If you’re in the mood for authentic, home-cooked Caribbean food, Island Soul Caribbean Cuisine is the place for you! Locals and visitors alike come for the Collard Greens, Coconut Corn Muffins, and Island Soul’s Famous Oxtail Stew. Although the charming Island Soul is open seven days a week, we recommend you stop in for the weekend brunch or live music.

We Love Their: Collard Greens, Coconut Corn Muffins, Island Soul’s Famous Oxtail Stew, Chicken & Buttermilk Waffles, Catfish & Cheesy Grits

4869 Rainier Ave S
(206) 329-1202