Baltimore’s Best Things to Do Outdoors

Now that the humidity has subsided, this is the perfect time for outdoor activities. Enjoy Fall at these truly Baltimorean spots.

Catch a Movie at Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre

via Flickr user Michael Kilgore

via Flickr user Michael Kilgore

Is there anything better than rolling down the car windows on a cool night, settling in with some popcorn, and catching a double feature? This classic summer activity is unfortunately dying out in the US—there are only 338 drive-ins left in the whole country. The state of Maryland has just one, and that’s Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre in Baltimore. From the national anthem that’s played before the show to the snack bar that won’t break the bank, watching a movie at Bengie’s is a truly nostalgic experience.

Take a Tour of Baltimore’s Street Art

via Flickr user RJ

via Flickr user RJ

Street art in urban areas is becoming increasingly popular, and Baltimore is no exception. Our favorite project in the city is Open Walls Baltimore. Talented artists from all over the world contribute to large-scale murals and paintings in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. Open Walls Baltimore’s website has a map of where all of the art is located, making it easy for you to take a self-guided walking tour of the area.

For some amateur street art that’s still quite impressive, head to Graffiti Alley. This little street, located between North Avenue and Howard Street is tiny, but worth checking out. The walls are ever-changing, with new artists adding to the colorful chaos all the time.

Bike Your Way Through Gwynns Falls Trail

via Flickr user Nathalie Cohn

via Flickr user Nathalie Cone

If you’re looking for a nice, long trail to bike that’s within the city limits, Gwynns Falls Trail is your go-to. This scenic 15-mile stretch takes you through 10 of Baltimore’s parks as well as some more secluded areas in the woods. Some of it is paved; some of it’s not. Some of it is flat; some of it is quite challenging. This lovely mix of terrains and scenery will keep you on your toes and give you some great exercise.