Best Chinese Restaurants in Chicago’s Chinatown

What better place to discover some of the best Chinese food in any city than Chinatown? The food is not only the most authentic, but these spots are also surrounded by vibrant, lively, and culturally rich shops, karaoke bars, street performers, architecture, and atmosphere. You’re in for a memorable experience.

Lao Sze Chuan

via Flickr user KDCChicago

via Flickr user KDCChicago

Tony Hu, an international superstar of the authentic Szechuan cuisine niche, serves up delicious Chinese food known for its liberal use of garlic, chili peppers, and Sichuan pepper. Order a cold beer, get something as spicy as it is delicious, and discover what will soon be your new Chinese food go-to.

We Recommend: Dry Chili Chicken

2172 S Archer Ave
(331) 248-3524
No Website


via Flickr user John Roling

via Flickr user John Roling

With impressive cultural décor and a vibrant atmosphere filled with hungry regulars, you’ll be swept up the moment you enter. Cai offers full-sized entrees like the incredible Peking Duck, but it’s famous for the the dim sum style options, with all the dumplings you could ask for. The atmosphere is upscale, the service is exceptional, and it offers an impressive full bar.

We Recommend: Peking Duck

2100 S Archer Ave
(312) 326-6888


via Flickr user Devin Hunter

via Flickr user Devin Hunter

Serving up what many call the best dim sum experience in the city, Phoenix is a Chinatown staple with a chic, modern interior. While you can order off the menu, you can also receive your food in the traditional Canton way, on big carts packed with a variety of savory dumpling delights. Phoenix truly soars above the surrounding riffraff.

We Recommend: BBQ Pork Buns

2131 S Archer Ave
(312) 328-0848


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