Chicago’s Three Best Spots to Get a Margarita

Summer may be over, but margarita season never dies in the Windy City. There’s something about sipping on one of these iconic tequila cocktails that makes the winds a little less harsh, the cold a little less unbearable, and the Piña Coladas a little less tempting. Chicago does margs right, and these are the best places to get them.

Masa Azul

via Masa Azul

via Masa Azul

Let’s start with one without the avid, die-hard, every-publication-that-covers-Chicago following the other two have. With that being said, Masa Azul is still a spot with rave reviews about its margaritas, and it’s no wonder why, because when a place has 17 different margarita varieties on offer, anyone can find one that they’ll fall in love with.

2901 W Diversey Ave
(773) 687-0300

Big Star

via Flickr user Bobbi Bowers

via Flickr user Bobbi Bowers

Big Star is a no-brainer on everyone’s list, but if you have an avid following of this caliber, you’ll always find yourself on a MostBest top three. The margaritas are nationally famous, so you’ll find regulars alongside tourists that venture in to see if the reputation is truly justified. Take it from us, and by that we mean everyone—it is.

1531 N Damen Ave
(773) 235-4039

Adobo Grill

via Flickr user Fuzzy Gerdes

via Flickr user Fuzzy Gerdes

The décor, the service, the food, the everything at Adobo Grill is consistently on point at every level, and the vehement focus on quality is even more eagle-eyed when it comes to the margaritas offerings. There are more tequilas than we felt like counting, and you can use any of them in the many famous specialty margarita or tequila cocktail offerings for just an extra buck.

1610 N Wells St
(312) 266-7999


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