Evanston’s Coolest Bars

People that live south of Howard tend to turn their noses up at the north, and vice versa when it comes to nightlife options. Let’s nip that in the bud right now, because both areas boast some really cool bars. Here are some of Evanston’s best of the best.

Bangers & Lace

The Veal Bloody Mary at Bangers & Lace via Flickr user Gina Collecchia

via Flickr user Gina Collecchia

To call this spot trendy would be an understatement, with a chic brick and wood interior and communal seating. The food is in the pub style but done above and beyond, with such notable options as the venison sandwich and the pretzel with chocolate mustard. Our favorite part is the 32 beers on draft!

We Recommend: Venison Sandwich

810 Grove St
(847) 905-0854

The Alcove

The name is pretty perfect—it’s a welcoming atmosphere of incredibly fresh, healthy, filling, and bright foods alongside delicious cocktails. The specialty drinks change with the seasons, with spiced up and hot deliciousness during cold weather and a refreshing cool-down selection in the warmer months. Head to this cozy, intimate spot and enjoy personalized service and drinks.

We Recommend: Taking advantage of their card decks.

512 Main St
No Phone or Website

Ward Eight

No matter what time of year it is, Ward Eight has a cocktail to fit your mood, the weather, the season, and the occasion, and everything pairs well with the small plates. Don’t assume this is a spot solely for a classy date though, because those killer scorpion bowls are great for sharing and getting the party started.

We Recommend: Scorpion Bowl, Charcuterie Platter

629 Howard St
(847) 420-7353


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