MostBest Seattle | LGBT Bars

It could take you hours to decide which LGBT bar is the best. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

With vibrant atmospheres, cheap but awesome drinks, and some of the most fun crowds in Seattle, these spots never disappoint.


via Diesel Seattle

via Diesel Seattle

Diesel is a no-frills bar that specializes in “fueling Seattle’s bear scene.” At Diesel, the drinks are stiff, the food is tasty, and the atmosphere is incredible. It may be a tough looking bar, but the staff are the friendliest and most kind-hearted people around. They have a pool table and lots of seats—perfect for cozying up to some new guys.

Be Sure To: Play a Game of Pool and Cozy up to Someone New

1413 14th Ave
(206) 322-1080


via Flickr user Sarah Anne Llyod

via Flickr user Sarah Anne Lloyd

Pony is as divey as they come, and happens to be one of Seattle’s most popular gay bars as well. They’ve recently moved into a new location—a remodeled gas station—where there’s even a wonderful year-round patio! It has a retractable roof and gas fire pit so you can party rain or shine, winter or summer. The space at Pony is small, but that just adds to the fun. When visiting Pony, make sure to check the calendar for some fabulous events.

Be Sure To: Grab a $2 Colt 45 Tall Boy

1221 E Madison St
(206) 324-2854


via Flickr user Frank Farm

via Flickr user Frank Farm

Recently relocated, CC Attle’s is the Capitol Hill LGBT hotspot for socializing over strong drinks at a great price. Passionate about preserving the vibe of the old location, this divey bar caters mostly to the bear crowd (but everyone is welcome). With generous portions for food and drinks, a wide-open floor plan, and lots of windows, this is the perfect setting for visiting with friends and meeting new people.

Be Sure To: Indulge in Buffalo Wings and Kool-Aid

1701 E Olive Way
(206) 726-0565