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It could take you hours to decide which Ethiopian restaurant is the best. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Whether you’re new to this fresh, flavorful cuisine or you’re an old pro, you’ll love the atmosphere, flavors, and services at these authentic Baltimore spots.


Ebenezer Ethiopian Food is well known by regulars for supplying heaping portions of delicious Ethiopian cuisine from chefs that know how to make it taste, look, and feel authentic. You can miss the entrance if you’re not watching for it, but when you find this hidden gem and sit down to eat, you’ll know you made a great choice from the first bite to the last!

We Love The: Vegetarian Platter, Beef Tibs

821 Washington Blvd
(410) 230-0440
No Website


via Tabor

via Tabor

Tabor is your downtown fix for an Ethiopian craving, and is also the perfect place for a newbie. The cuisine is as authentic as it gets, and the atmosphere has that down-home feel that’s so welcoming you’ll feel like a regular the moment you walk in. Tabor is also BYOB, so you can pick up some beer or wine to enjoy as you indulge in one of the tasty platters.

We Love The: Incredible Platters

328 Park Ave
(410) 528-7234
No Website


via Flickr user Phil! Gold

via Flickr user Phil! Gold

Dukem is a famous Baltimore spot for lovers of Ethiopian food, vegans, and experimental eaters. It features fabulous and authentic cuisine, and best of all, it’s unbelievably healthy! There’s no reason to feel guilty after stuffing yourself here, and the portion sizes will likely have you bringing home leftovers, which is never a bad thing!

We Love The: Lamb Wot, Injera, Sambusa

1100 Maryland Ave
(410) 385-0318