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There are 144 burger restaurants in Atlanta. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

When you’ve had a long day and you’re ravenously hungry, a juicy burger with a side of crisp, salty fries is always sure to hit the spot. Good thing Atlanta serves up such amazing selections!


via Flickr user 90928gt

via Flickr user 90928gt

The Red Eyed Mule’s menu is as simple as it gets, delivering the good stuff without the fluff. Owners Joe and Sabra claim simplicity is their focal point for creating unmatched quality. An onion ring here is THE onion ring—coated four times to be exact. This restaurant has been featured on the Food Network, which it displays proudly, written boldly on a rustic red pickup truck parked outside.

We Love The: Jake’s Sloppy Slaw Burger, Black Angus Chuck Burger, Chicken Salad, Lil’ Daddy Slew

1405 Church St Extension NE
(678) 809-4546


In the classy, hipster-chic General Muir, you’ll find a unanimously voted best burger. Slathered in Russian dressing, The Burger’s juices mesh with a blanket of pastrami and coagulate with caramelized onions. For the vegetarians, the menu supplies substitutions that are just as great, such as the Classic Veggie Burger. All meals come with a side of fresh-cut, seasoned fries and one of the raved-about pickles.

We Love The: Lunch Burger, Poutine, Reuben

1540 Avenue Pl
(678) 927-9131


via Flickr user Ralph Daily

via Flickr user Ralph Daily

FLIP Burger Boutique hosts parties between two buns, with new-school recipes and intriguing flavor combinations. The handmade signature burgers come topped with fresh produce and housemade condiments, with gluten-free buns available to enclose the hefty black Angus patty. A smart selection of brews and a minimal wine list come alongside fabulous signature cocktails, while the famous N2 milkshakes smoke in front of you.

We Love The: rBQ, Earth + Turf, Lamburger

1587 Howell Mill Rd
(404) 352-3547