So You Want to Find Free Beer in Chicago?

Other than being an attractive, flirty female bar patron or a thief, you might think getting your hands on a free beer or two is impossible. MostBest is here to change that––with all of the events happening around town, you can end up getting nice and tipsy without paying for your brew.

Plays and Improv Shows

via Brandi Simms

Flickr user, Brandi Sims

If you do a little research, you can often find improv comedy shows and plays that offer those who buy tickets free beer and food. While we know this isn’t technically free, these shows are actually pretty solid, it’s a great place to meet people, and if you drink enough, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Craft Brewery Tours

Flicker user _e.t

Flicker user _e.t

At almost every local brewery in this city, the admission is $10 per person. If the tour is free, you normally don’t get free samples. When you have to pay, you get showered in samples of their new crafts and old favorites. You not only get to learn about the art of creating the perfect brew, but you also get to drink, choose your favorite beer, and then enjoy more of it in the taproom. It’s a great little pregame to get the night started, and you’ll leave with some fun facts to impress your friends.

Bar Trivia

Flickr user, K M

Flickr user, K M

You’ll probably want to start a tab and drink, but at many of the bar trivia spots around town, prizes include a free round of drinks. Bring your smartest friends and your A game, and get ready to play. If you win, you might score a gift card to the establishment, which can go towards, you guessed it, free beer!


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