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There are 428 dessert shops in Seattle. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

When the urge to eat something sweet hits, don’t settle for mass-produced pastries that have been sitting out all day. Grab a treat made fresh with the highest quality ingredients and enjoy it in a lovely atmosphere.


via Pie Bar

via Pie Bar

Pie Bar is the product of crossing pie with booze. It serves both sweet and savory pies on a rotating menu in a chic atmosphere complete with long, wooden communal tables lit by chandeliers. It also boasts craft beer on tap and a good wine selection, but the cocktails are a standout. You’ll love these creative concoctions that are pie-infused.

We Love The: Lemon Meringue Pietini, Country Sausage, Desserted Island

1361 E Olive Way
(206) 257-1459


via Flickr user SDOT Photos

via Flickr user SDOT Photos

All of Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery’s ingredients are non-GMO and sourced through local vendors that use sustainable agricultural practices, creating the freshest and most delicious desserts you’ll find in Seattle. While it has a full bar with beer and wine, you have to go for a Boozy Shake, with flavors that rotate seasonally.

We Love The: Dark Decadence, Boozy Shakes

5427 Ballard Ave NW
(206) 420-3431


via Flickr user Liralen Li

via Flickr user Liralen Li

This spot is most famous for cheesecakes, which come in miniature, donut-sized portions, so you’re not limited to one flavor. The finest local and sustainable ingredients available are used for the batter, and the crust is made from Maria biscuits shipped in from Spain. The cheesecake truffles are made with this famous batter as well, and are covered in Guittard chocolate.

We Love The: Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Truffle, Mexican Chocolate Cheesecake, Kahlua White Chocolate Cheesecake

1530 Pike Pl
(206) 257-6597