Baltimore’s Best Record Stores

When you’re looking to add to your vinyl collection, you’ll spend enough time just weeding through the selection at one store, but anyone passionate about building their collection knows that it’s a never-ending endeavor with endless rewards. These are the three best spots for the musically passionate.

Sound Garden

via Flickr user Brett Gullborg

via Flickr user Brett Gullborg

This Fell’s Point staple was named one of the best in the entire nation by both Rolling Stone and Billboard, so you know it’s gotta be good. It has the biggest stock in the city, stays open on weekends, and always has the latest and hottest records. They even sell equipment for Djs, musicians, and all other entertainers.

You can find Sound Garden at 1616 Thames Street.

The True Vine

via Flickr user Johannes Bergmark

via Flickr user Johannes Bergmark

A quirky addition to the Baltimore music scene, The True Vine is all about the avant garde. You’ll find records on the cutting edge alongside used records, and the spot even has an instrument repair shop where the staff also creates new instruments. You won’t find an atmosphere like this anywhere else. 

You can find The True Vine at 3544 Hickory Ave.

Normal’s Books and Records

via Normal's

via Normal’s

This longtime favorite is expansive, packed full of books and records. We love that it has the largest collection of local music in the city, and it’s the place to be when you’re looking for rock, jazz, or soul. There’s also a great international selection if you’re looking to get wordly.

You can find Normal’s Books and Records at 425 E 31st St.