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There are 93 diners in Reno. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

Feeling breakfast for dinner? What about the opposite? You can have any combination of all sorts of delicious dishes done exceptionally well at these Reno staples.



At multi-generational community hub PJ & Company, big breakfasts are the norm and served well into the lunch hour on weekends. When you step inside you’ll find a friendly staff and scrumptious meals, with the mishmash of memorabilia on the walls lending to the hometown feel. Everything is house-made, including the complimentary chips and salsa and the deliciously crispy fries. On a warm day, head down to PJ & Company to have a seat on the outdoor patio.

We Love The: Breakfast Burrito, Eggs Benedict, Denver Omelet

1590 S Wells Ave
(775) 323-6366




via Flickr user Reno Tahoe

Located in the Nugget Casino, the Little Nugget’s old timey decor contributes to the divey diner feel. The awful big, awful good Awful Awful Burger, the Travel Channel’s Food Wars winner, reigns as the centerpiece of the menu, and it’s no surprise why. At half a pound of meat with a full pound of fries, this is a true Reno experience. The diner eats go beyond just the burger though, with hearty breakfasts served all day.

We Love The: Awful Awful Burger, Chili Cheese Fries, Breakfast Special

233 N Virginia St  
(775) 323-0716




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Louis’ Basque Corner is anything but your typical roadside diner, serving traditional Basque cuisine in a family-style dining room and bar. With both Spanish and French influences, the food served here is undeniably delicious, but the atmosphere is what makes the meal. Chat with the diners seated at your table and pass the communal dishes around for a full taste of all the offerings from appetizer to dessert. Order the Rabbit Stew, a Guy Fieri favorite, for rich flavors and succulent meat.

We Love The: Picon Punch (cocktail), Sweetbreads, Garlic Fries, Tongue, Oxtail Bourguignon, Hunter’s Rabbit Stew

301 E 4th St  
(775) 323-7203