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There are 346 Japanese restaurants in Seattle. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

When it comes such a wide-ranging cuisine with many specialties, it’s difficult to do it justice, especially outside of the country of origin. Lucky for Seattleites, these places are experts when it comes to Japanese dishes.


via Flickr user rc!

via Flickr user rc!

In 1967, Chef Shiro came from Kyoto to Seattle and opened the first full service sushi bar. Everyday, he shops at local fish markets for the finest local ingredients to provide the highest quality every time. Chef Daisuke trained under Jiro Ono and was featured in the famous sushi documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” For this reason, we recommend an order of the Omakase, the famous five-course tasting menu.

We Love The: Omakase, Black Cod, Geoduck Butter

2401 2nd Ave
(206) 443-9844


via Flickr user Curtis Cronn

via Flickr user Curtis Cronn

Enjoy authentic Japanese flavors in a traditional environment at Maneki. If you’re here with a group, request a Tatami room, a Japanese-style private dining area for four to ten people. If you seek a more lively night out, head to the Hannya Room, a lounge with a full bar that includes a great selection of Sake and Shochu. The menu is extensive, with everything from sushi and nigiri to rice pots and combination platters.

We Love The: Black Cod Collar Miso, Unagi Kama Meshi, Blue Fin Tuna

304 6th Ave S
(206) 622-2631


via Miyabi 45th

via Miyabi 45th

Hand-crafted soba noodles are Miyabi’s specialty, made in-house from buckwheat and flour, and they’re served in an assortment of styles. Whether you want nanban (hot), bukkake (cold), or seiro (dipping soba), you’re covered. The bold broths and tangy dipping sauces are exceptional, and what really separates it from the competition. It’s also well known for handcrafted specialty cocktails, made with an Japanese alcohols and ingredients.

We Love The: Truffle Mushroom Seiru, Cauliflower Kaarage, Foie Gras Tofu, Uni Shots

2208 N 45th St
(206) 632-4545