Atlanta’s Best Beer Bars

When you’re craving the sweet, sweet taste of beer, why not go to the places that offer the most variety and uniqueness to their selection? These bars are the best three spots if you’re a beer obsessed suds guzzler like I very proudly claim to be, and you definitely do not have to detect back notes to fit right into these unpretentious watering holes.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub


via Flickr user Thomas Cizaukas

From the chic meets old-school lounge-like interior complete with overstuffed furnishings, to the excellent selection of personally brewed and locally brewed beers, Wrecking Bar Brewpub is an Atlanta staple for a reason. You don’t want to miss their exceptional food menu either.

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Brick Store Pub


via Flickr user Daniel Lobo

This place has a massive selection of beers sourced from around the globe, and one of their multiple bars is strictly serving up Belgian brews, which are notoriously strong while being dangerously smooth. They also have great European pub food.

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Taco Mac


via Flickr user Yelp Inc.

The beer selection at Taco Mac is absurd. We mean that in a good way, but you’re dealing with hundreds here. In fact, they have a customer rewards program called Brewniversity, with different ranks for the number of different beers you drink. The highest honor is Chancellor, which is given to people that have tried one… thousand… different… beers… Sign us up. Sign us all up.

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