Best Poke in Honolulu

Poke, a salad consisting of raw fish, is a famous staple of Hawaiian cuisine, a slice of Hawaiian authenticity you don’t want to leave Honolulu without trying. These three spots do it best.

Ono Seafood


via Flickr user Kirk K

Oh, yes. Ono Seafood is widely considered a spot that has the best poke in town, or at least one of the best spots for it, and their locally sourced ingredients guarantee the freshest taste. They have a handful of different poke to choose from, from the shoyu and wasabi to the take and miso.

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Aloha Cones

Serving their excellent food in affordable, cone-shaped bowls as well as regular plates, Aloha Cones is a local hotspot that offers four varieties of poke, so you’re sure to find one that fits your taste preferences. The casual hidden gem is waiting and willing to wow.

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Maguro Brothers Hawaii


via Flickr user takaokun

Whether for takeout at this lunchtime hotspot, or for dining on their outdoor, umbrella-covered tables, Maguro Brothers and their famously flavorful plate lunches always leave you wanting more. A no-frills Chinatown establishment that focuses 100% on the food, their poke is picture-perfect every time.

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Best Places in Chicago to Go Sledding

Sledding in the Windy City isn’t like sledding on the hill behind your neighbor’s house in your small town. You’re more than likely going to have to share, but don’t let that get you down, because no one can frown while blasting down a snow-covered hill like a young Charles Foster Kane.

Caldwell Woods

Like something that would be a side feature at a ski lodge, Caldwell Woods’ sledding hill in Oak Park isn’t anything but a sledding hill. Walk up the gated side, which will have a bit of a line if you don’t come during the off-hours, and slide down the steep but smooth bank in gleeful wintery cheer.

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Dan Ryan Woods

The sledding hill at Dan Ryan Woods is tailored for the family outing. We’re talking ample parking, no crowds, and a 200 foot hill that’s not very steep, perfect for children while still being tolerably tame for the big’uns.

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Soldier Field

When they renovated the field, they added a sledding hill, and boy is it impressive. 220 feet of chilly thrills, and if there’s one downside to sledding, it’s lugging the sled back up the hill. Soldier Field’s sledding hill is rocking a T-Bar lift. Can’t beat that.

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