Baltimore’s Best Fries

There’s no better side dish or bar snack than fries no matter what style they’re in and what toppings they include. Dig into some of our Baltimore favorites.

Annabel Lee Tavern

via Flickr user adaenn

via Flickr user adaenn

The Annabel Lee Tavern is a unique restaurant that offers a one of a kind atmosphere of Edgar Allen Poe themed drinks and décor. This spot’s crisp fries are sliced beautifully thin, expertly salted, and sprinkled in herbs de Provence for a fantastic finish.

You can find Annabel Lee Tavern at 601 S Clinton St.

The Brewer’s Art

The Brewer’s Art is home to an eclectic array of house beers on tap complete with quirky names and a wide variety of styles and ABV. The name of the game is golden shoestring fries with salt and rosemary that come in generous portions. They may just make you forget about your beer until you realize they make the perfect pair.

You can find The Brewer’s Art at 1106 N Charles St.

Salt Tavern

via Salt Tavern

via Salt Tavern

Salt is known for being fresh and filling. This American tavern focused on comfort foods uses the mack daddy of frying methods: duck fat. They come with black truffle, horseradish, and chipotle aioli sauces, but these fries are so richly flavored that they stand all on their own.

You can find Salt at 2127 E Pratt St.


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