Best Places to Go Sledding in Baltimore

Whether you’re a kid or all grown up, it’s impossible not to smile when you’re zipping down a snowy hill on a sled. Yelling “Weeeeee” is highly encouraged.

Baltimore County’s Board of Education Building


via Flickr user Todd

This is a Snow Day hotspot, and we love the irony of that. Start at the pillared steps of the front entrance and head down the side that’s the perfect steepness for children, but still steep enough for the big kids.

Patterson Park


via Flickr user Erica

The ornate pagoda sets the scene and acts as a beacon you can follow towards the fun. Then you have the variable pick of the litter of hills, from short and steep to long and slow.

Oregon Ridge State Park


via Flickr user Scott

This used to be a ski hill, so you know that the sledding is going to be awesome. The 200-foot slope can get you going up to pretty astounding speeds, and the fact that snowboarders will be practicing their tricks as you climb back up makes the effort a little easier to swallow.


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