Baltimore’s Best Pie

It’s pie season, and whether you’re looking for sickly sweet, delectably dart, fabulously fruity, or anything in between, these are the spots you’ll want to check out.


via Flickr user Kevin Harber

via Flickr user Kevin Harber

It’s hard to walk past the heavenly smells of Dangerously Delicious Pies without going in to try a slice. This unique and lively rock ‘n’ roll themed pie bar houses an eclectic menu of sweet and savory pies, with hefty portions and killer flavor combinations. Handmade pies are crafted from scratch with no additives, with golden flakey crusts filled with seasonal ingredients. 

You can find Dangerously Delicious Pies at 2839 O’Donnell St.

La Cakerie

The name might say “cake” but the pie is out of this world! The Mini Pies are a perfect option to share with a date, and they’re pretty adorable too. The Dutch Apple Pie is one of our favorites, with a beautifully flaky crust, and be sure to check out the seasonal offerings on the menu.

You can find La Cakerie at 11 Allegheny Ave.

Fenwick Bakery

via Fenwick Bakery

via Fenwick Bakery

This place has made everything from scratch, including the mouthwatering pies, for over 100 years. They boast all pies of all types, from Coconut Custard to Cherry, and even serve three different varieties of apple pie: Traditional, French, and Apple Crumb.

You can find Fenwick Bakery at 7219 Harford Rd.