Best Spots for a Shrimp Cocktail

There’s something iconic about a shrimp cocktail when you’re surrounded by luxury, and there’s few places more packed tight with luxury than Reno. The Biggest Little City in the World offers some of the best shrimp cocktails in the world. From the bottomless to the best sauce to the biggest shrimp, we have you covered.

Toucan Charlie’s Buffet and Grill



Head to Atlantis Casino for this all-you-can-eat buffet hotspot that also happens to boast one of the best shrimp cocktail deals in the city. How? Well, it’s hard to beat all-you-can-eat shrimp…

Find more info here.

El Pescador Mexican Food


Some of the best margaritas in the city combined with our favorite cocktail sauce in the city puts El Pescador on our list of the best places for a shrimp cocktail. The perfect sized shrimp (you can even get them fried) and the perfectly spicy sauce.

Find more info here.

Eldorado Resort Casino


Tons of games, nightlife spots, general fun, and a delicious shrimp cocktail that you can order at any of the bars that features huge shrimps. HUGE shrimps.

Find more info here.


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