Seattle’s Best Gyros

Growing up, my enjoyment of gyros was limited to the New York State Fair, and I always thought they were tough to come by outside of temporary stands. Then I became an adult and discovered my parents just didn’t like them (absurd, I know), and gyros were in fact extremely easy to come by, the deliciousness just a short drive away whenever the craving struck. Anyways, enough about my really tough childhood. My point is that gyro sandwiches are just the best, and these Seattle spots serve the best in town.

Mr. Gyros


via Flickr user Austin King

We know they’re on every list, but that’s because they’re that good. They’re in the top 100 restaurants in the US on Yelp, they won Best Gyro and Best Takeout by Seattle Magazine, and that’s just three of the near countless accolades they’ve received since opening their doors to become a local staple in 2002. Mainly a takeout place, patrons shouldn’t be expecting any frills. The focus is on the food.

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Petra Mediterranean Bistro


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These guys have a massive menu of all sorts of Mediterranean eats, and the freshness of the ingredients, authenticity of the preparations, and nice selection of beer and wine make everything worth trying. Order the Gyro Shawarma, though we have a bit of a soft spot for the Gyro Salad.

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Aladdin Falafel Corner


via Flickr user Gary Lund

“I can show you a gyro. Fresh, flavorful, splendid.” Sorry, couldn’t resist the Disney reference, but this gyro really is something that your heart would choose if you just let it decide. Best of all? They’re open until 2am. Gyros may well be the best drunk food, third only to chicken wings and a breakfast menu.

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Chicago’s Best Pancakes

Pancakes are hard to screw up, and they’re even harder to set apart from the rest of the pack. Locally famous for good reason, our top three take the classic batter on a pan to a whole new level, selling like hotcakes, and tasting as good as regular cake.

Elly’s Pancake House


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Six locations, one in the city and five in the suburbs, makes Elly’s a convenience of deliciousness no matter where you find yourself, and as the name suggests, the pancakes are on point. Choose from their many old-fashioned pancake varieties, or go for the famous oven-baked pancakes, a taste and texture of excellence like you’ve never experienced.

Wildberry Pancakes and Café


via Flickr user Esther Westerveld

Pancakes and berries go together better than pretty much any other two things, and Wildberry’s warm, inviting environment is only furthered by the specialty pancakes. We’re talking such varieties as banana cream pie, caramel apple pecan, and our favorite, the “Signature Berry Bliss.” Blissful you will be.

Bongo Room


via Flickr user Paul Kenjerski

Points right off the bat for the awesomely classic name, then points off the charts for the pancakes and hotcakes. The unique varieties, like the citrus and ginger snap and the Oreo and praline, are exquisite, and we especially recommend the lethal brunch cocktails.