Best Healthy Delivery | Chicago

The essence of health and wellness starts with great food made right. Ordering in can help – take a day off and select a meal from these three spots that make health and flavor the highest priority.

Meez Meals

via Flickr user Tim Sackton

via Flickr user Tim Sackton

For chefs who are as hungry as they are busy, Meez Meals makes cooking as easy as ordering in. Just select from the fresher-than-fresh menu and get a delivery of pre-prepped ingredients to whip up gourmet options in your own kitchen. All that you have to do is savor the pleasure of home cooking perfuming every room and tuck in to a healthy meal.

You can order from Meez Meals at (773) 916-6339.


When life doesn’t leave time to eat well, order from Cooked. Get a well-rounded meal with ample helpings of veggies and protein, but never any preservatives or additives. Heat deliveries with microwave or oven for deliciousness delivered to your door, ready in minutes. If a busy schedule keeps you out of the house during delivery hours, place a cooler on the front porch and come home to dinner.

You can order from Cooked at (847) 907-1601.


via Flickr user Benjamin Shine

via Flickr user Benjamin Shine

Kitchfix makes eating gluten free and paleo with an active lifestyle easy as pie, and just as delectable. Three delivery options ensure there are plenty of right ways to order Kitchfix, no matter the schedule and budget. From breakfast to snacks and dinner, the menu has a little something for everyone to fuel up healthy.

You can order from KitchFix at (312) 402-0221.