Seattle’s Most Bizarre Attractions

The famed Pike Place Market Gum Wall may have said its goodbyes, if only until the chewed up wonder begins again, but there’s still plenty of offbeat fun to be had in Seattle. Until the gum wall rides again, check out these three quirky staples of the city.

Underground Tour


via Flickr user Marcin Wichary

Underground Tour starts from Doc Maynard’s Public House, a restored 1890s saloon, then heads underground, following the city’s former streets from the days when sidewalks were made of wood and wagons were the primary transportation in Seattle. The guides tell stories from Seattle’s past as groups walk the subterranean roads, lit by glass tiles to the sidewalks above. For a scintillating night out, the evening Underworld Tour tells Seattle’s sordid tales of prostitution and corruption, soothed with a complimentary cocktail.

You can find the Underground Tour at 614 1st Ave.

Nevertold Casket Company

via Flickr user Pieter Cornelissen

via Flickr user Pieter Cornelissen

Selling haunted items since 2014, Nevertold Casket Company does a rousing business in stuffed monkey heads, human skulls, and other esoteric bizzarities, most with a spooky past. The crowded shop is well worth a perusal, with a pause to admire the hand-crafted caskets made by owner Jack Bennett, ranging from standard size to miniatures perfect for insects. Take a stroll through Nevertold and relish the haunted history all around.

You can find Nevertold Casket Company at 1317 E Republican St.

Fremont Troll

via Flickr user Roshan Vyas

via Flickr user Roshan Vyas

There really is a troll under the Fremont Bridge, the grumpy-looking friend to the neighborhood that holds down the fort for photographs. Fittingly enough, the Fremont neighborhood’s unofficial motto is “de libertas quirkas” or the freedom to be peculiar, a sentiment that goes along swimmingly with neighborhood favorites like naked bike rides and sub-bridge troll statues. A staple of the neighborhood since 1960, the hulking, one-eyed troll clutches a Volkswagen Beetle in its fist, looking out mournfully for photo ops.

You can find the Fremont Troll at 3405 Troll Ave N.