Baltimore’s Best Drinking Games

We’re still waiting for a bar to introduce their version of Chardee Macdennis from “It’s Always Sunny,” but these will definitely do in the meantime. Play a game that involves drinking for a very fun and very boozy way to mix things up at these top spots.

Blingo at Sticky Rice


via Flickr user spam

Blingo is high speed Bingo with heavy drinking involved, with the added bonus of crazy tie breaker challenges. They have great pub food, lethal mixed drinks, a nice beer selection, and a very lively and exciting atmosphere.

Blingo dates change. Check their Special Events page for the next one coming up!

Game Night at Luckie’s Tavern


via Flickr user Vivian D Nguyen

This place is themed after the Vegas Strip, so they’re going to have some awesome games that involve drinking. Come on Wednesdays for Game Night, which features trivia, beer pong, flip cup, bingo, and Texas Hold’em. Head to Power Plant Live! and get ready for some fun.

Find more info here.

Bear Pong at DogWatch Tavern


A Fells Point staple with a bunch of classic pub games, this beer is particularly well known for their Bear Pong, which is beer pong with jumbo cups to minimize splashing. Go for a college classic and challenge friends or fellow patrons.

Find more info here.


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