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There are 298 ramen restaurants in Honolulu. Feeling overwhelmed? MostBest knows the Top 3.

The ramen scene has become a full-blown phenomenon, and we’re not surprised–the steaming broth fills you up and makes your heart and soul warm.


via Flickr user takaokun

via Flickr user takaokun

Yotteko-Ya, an intimate hidden gem on the second floor of the McCully Shopping Center, is where ramen is done to near perfection. They only make a small batch daily to ensure the highest quality and highest level of freshness, which means that it’s been known to run out of some of the more popular varieties by the end of the night due to the high demand. It’s BYOB, so you can bring whatever adult beverage you’d like to enjoy while you eat.

We Love The: Kakuni Paitan Ramen

1960 Kapiolani Blvd
(808) 946-2900
No Website


via Flickr user Capsun Poe

via Flickr user Capsun Poe

There are two things that you should always look for in good ramen: exceptional noodles and balanced broths, and Goma Tei nails both. It has both spicy and more mild options, our favorite of the prior is the Tan Tan, with its semi-thick broth and char siu pork, and for the latter, their Shoyu varieties are the way to go. Almost equally renown is the Gyoza, delicious dumplings that pair exceptionally well with any of the many ramen options.

We Love The: Tonkatsu Shoyu Ramen, Tan Tan Ramen

1200 Ala Moana Blvd
(808) 591-9188


via Flickr user Capsun Poe

via Flickr user Capsun Poe

For drunken cravings and brunch slurping, check out Agu Ramen Bistro for the perfect Japanese soup prepared in the 24-hour kitchen, which creates authentic long-cooked broths. Broths made from the highest-quality pork, meticulously cooked and marinated eggs, and fresher than fresh ingredients, all help to create the highest possible standard of quality that Agu Ramen Bistro holds.

We Love The: Shio Tonkotsu, Miso Ramen, Agu’s Savory Parmesan

925 Isenberg St
(808) 492-1637